artist statement


Angie Parker is an award winning weaver of rugs and exquisite, vibrant textiles derived from traditional Scandinavian rug weaving techniques.

Her distinctive and intricate floor art and fabric creations are hand-woven using long established patterns, such as Krokbragd, which she combines with her instinctive and daring approach to colour. It is the creative process of importing a contemporary element to the time honoured techniques of rug weaving and the responses from the viewer which most excite her.

Her often ostentatious approach to design has evolved over the years, and whilst she is happy to adapt her work for private commissions, she is reluctant to reign it in for the one-off pieces she produces to exhibit and promote her practice.

A year spent living in India and more recently the dynamic graffiti in her neighbourhood in Bristol have influenced the fabulously gaudy palette which is intrinsic to her weaving. Her colour spectrum primarily ranges from intensely hued to eye-popping flamboyance and sourcing new shades is a key part of her planning.