artist statement


Gill Hewitt creates exquisitely textured wall panels and screens.

Artwork is developed in layers from a carefully sourced palette of fibres and fabrics, with each individual piece being assembled in a painterly manner before it is blended together using the needle punch machine.

Gill has been working with the needle punch for over a decade and her working techniques continue to evolve through experimentation. She likes to use natural, textured materials including silk, cotton and wool. Fabrics are often hand dyed or digitally printed and have transparent and translucent properties.

The needle punch, especially developed by Gill, has a bed of around 2,000 needles that combine the collage of textures and layers into one. When a piece is passed through the needles, the fibres are intertwined and blended together creating a strong and unified whole. Different effects can be achieved with the use of an assortment of needles and adjustments to the machine speed.

Artwork is passed through the needle punch several times at different stages of the build-up. Layers are often pulled back or part removed before starting a new layer. After the final pass through, the finishing stage can involve more cutting back and hand stitching.

The unique overall effect created embodies a sense of spontaneity in which colour, contrast and richness of texture evoke depth and perspective in the artwork.