artist statement


Investigating textiles that protect from electromagnetic smog, which emanates from mobile phones and wifi.

  • Imagery inspired by Ernst Chladi (1756-1827), who was a contemporary of Goethe. He created visual images in sand from vibrations produced by a violin bow. This concept was further explored by Hans Jenny in the 1960’s who used a variety of materials giving form to sound waves.
  • I have established an ethos within which I undertake my design practice. This ethos encompasses environmental and ethical issues.

I look carefully at all the materials used for the construction of my garments, starting with the fibres and ending with the packaging of the finished products.

My choice of fibres is governed by the environmental impact of their cultivation and processing. I use natural protein fibres that can be dyed easily with natural pigments and also some cellulose fibres such as hemp and pina (pineapple). I don’t use bamboo cloth, which has a large chemical and energy input embodied in its production.

I have avoided textiles that are by-products of the oil industry; these include synthetic interlinings, zips and buttons. In place of these I choose to recycle off-cuts of fabric to insert as interlinings and use biodegradable buttons in place of zips.

The manufacture is of paramount importance to me; ensuring that transportation is kept to a minimum and that ethical practices are observed.

One response to “artist statement

  1. Thanks Linda for your blog on using mushroom dyes to protect against EM radiation. I think I missed a few steps in your explanation. Why did you test muscle strength rather than measuring EM radiation? What was the background EM radiation and was it constant whilst you did your tests, also did the mobile phone provide a constant 360degree additional EM radiation while you did your test? I’m intrigued and look forward to your reply.
    Thanks Liz

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