artist statement


Sue Bradley is a knitwear designer and maker whose work is inspired by her research into historical and ethnic textiles. She studied Fashion at the University of Gloucestershire and Mixed Media Textiles at the Royal College of Art.

Sue has collected vintage textiles for many years and has sketchbooks, which are full of her detailed drawings of garments from the Fashion Museum in Bath, and these form the basis of her inspiration.

Her work is very eclectic by nature and some of her work is still very experimental – she loves to play with techniques and is not afraid to make mistakes.

Creativity is extremely important to Sue and her aim is to produce exciting and unique work which is timeless. She is very interested in developing traditional craft techniques and likes to embellish her knitted fabrics with hand embroidery and beading.

Most of her work is highly patterned and decorative, she uses Photoshop and a software programme called Designaknit to convert her intricate designs into knit patterns.

Sue has recently produced a collection of sweaters and large inspirational textile pieces for the fashion industry and current clients include Missoni, Etro and Shrimps.