Sue Bradley, ‘sweater for Shrimps’

Sue Bradley, Machine knit tattoo sweater. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘machine knit tattoo sweater’

Sue Bradley, Machine knit sweaters using applique and embroidery techniques. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘machine knit sweaters, using applique and embroidery’

Sue BradleyMachine knit sweater collection. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘machine knit sweater collection’


Sue Bradley, ‘design for Etro’

Sue Bradley, Vintage embroidery and beaded victorian bag. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘vintage embroidery and Victorian beaded bag’

Sue BradleyMachine knit swatches and digital prints in lambswool and silk. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘knit swatches and digital prints’

Sue Bradley, Moodboard featuring antique kimono, knit and hand stencilled samples. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘moodboard’

Sue Bradley, Vintage fabrics and contemporary swatches. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘vintage fabrics and contemporary swatches’

Sue Bradley, Costume drawings. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘costume drawing’


Sue Bradley, ‘detail drawing Fashion Museum Bath’

Sue Bradley, Costume drawing from The Fashion Museum. Seam

Sue Bradley, ‘costume drawing – Fashion Museum Bath’